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Service fees

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Seiko Super

Overhaul               16,000 yen

Crystal                     2,000 yen 

Seiko strap             4,000 yen 

_________________ 22,000 yen

Seiko King Quartz

Service and restoration 20,000 yen

Crystal                                5,000 yen

_______________________ 25,000 yen 

Omega Quartz

Service                     15,000 yen

Red Teflon gasket     1,500 yen

__________________  16,500 yen

Sub Total ________63,500 yen

Merchant fee 4.4 %  2,800 yen

Total _____________ 66,300 yen 

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Customer Reviews

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Will S.
Excellent TokeiMedic restoration magic

Thanks to TokeiMedic restoration magic and his professional watchmaker service and repairing advice. He is very attention to detail and honest. Many of these vintage watches were able to be revived and go on their second life and to be seen almost as new in public again. I often use them as a conversation starter and plan to pass them down as heirloom watches.