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1989 Seiko Dolce 7741-5130

1989 Seiko Dolce 7741-5130

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Beautiful 1989 Seiko Dolce "SilverWave" high end quartz watch in good condition. 

Dolce was Seiko brand that replaced Grand Quartz at the top in the 80's. 

This model was one of the few water resistent Dolces. Double wave on the caseback indicates that. 

Tungsten carbide case is in mint condition.

Original sapphire crystal is scratch free. 

Dial and hands are flawless. 

There are two, somewhat minor issues. 

Onyx stone on the front of the crown, has cracks. 

Original bracelet is in good condition and unusually long. Comfortably fits 19cm wrist. There is a slight gap, 0.7mm, between the upper half of the bracelet and the case. It's probably not a big deal for most, but I like bracelets to be tightly attached to the case. I tried, but I couldn't make necessary adjustment. 

Disassembled and cleaned. 

New battery and rubber gaskets. 

SKU# S1105
Model  7741-5130
Movement Quartz
Caliber 7741
Case Tungsten carbide
Case size 29 x 37 x 6
Dial beige textured 


Bracelet Genuine Seiko Dolce 19cm
Serial # 940033
Service April 25, 2024
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