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1978 Seiko Grand Quartz 9256-8000

1978 Seiko Grand Quartz 9256-8000

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Serviced, very rare snowflake dial 1978 Daini twin quartz Seiko Grand Quartz in good condition. 

Caliber 9256 was short lived, only 3 years, Daini developed twin quartz caliber, similar to Suwa 9943. Both use dual quartz to compensate for changes in temperature that affect accuracy. Both were rated at +/- 10 secs per year. 

This model was quite expensive in 1979 with a price tag of 85,000 yen. 

Beautiful snowflake dial looks clean with naked eye, however closer inspection reveals few small blemishes in form of tiny black dots and couple of small stains. You will need a magnification to spot them. Also, in some pictures it looks like the edge of the dial is dark. It is not. It's just a reflection on the beveled crystal. 

Case is in pretty good condition with mostly brushed finish and mirror polished accents. There are few very small scratches here and there but nothing too noticeable. 

Integrated bracelet is of high quality and in excellent condition. It is sized to fit 16.5cm wrist with additional links available upon request. 

New crystal is the only thing that is not original to this watch. 

Calendar has weekdays in Kanji and English. 

Disassembled and cleaned, including the movement. 

New battery and rubber gaskets on the crown, battery hatch and inside around the dial. 

SKU# S1010
Model 9256-8000 
Movement Twin quartz 
Caliber 9256
Case Stainless steel 
Case size 37mm x 42mm 
Dial white snowflake 
Crystal mineral 
Bracelet original stainless steel 16.5cm with optional links available 
Serial # 890359
Service Feb 26, 2024
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