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1978 Seiko Grand Quartz 9256-5000

1978 Seiko Grand Quartz 9256-5000

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Rare, 1978 Daini twin quartz Seiko Grand Quartz high end high accuracy watch in good condition. 

Caliber 9256 was short lived, only 3 years, Daini developed twin quartz caliber, similar to Suwa 9943. Both use dual quartz to compensate for changes in temperature that affect accuracy. Both were rated at +/- 10 secs per year. 

This model was quite expensive in 1979 with a price tag of 100,000 yen. 

Grey vertically brushed dial is clean with no noticeable flaws. 

Original crystal has been polished to remove scratches (not by me). 

Case was polished and there are no noticeable scratches. 

Original, full size bracelet also had scratches removed and rebrushed. 

It's in good condition, however original sliding part of clasp was lost and replaced with different Seiko one. Size doesn't match with GQ signed hooking part of clasp, but it works well and it locks firmly. 

Calendar has weekday in Kanji and English. 

Watch has been disassembled and cleaned. 

New battery and packing .

SKU# S0779
Model 9256-5000
Movement Twin quartz 
Caliber 9256
Case Stainless steel 
Case size 34.5mm x 40.5mm x 8.3mm 
Lugs 20mm 
Dial grey
Crystal clearlex 
Bracelet original stainless steel full size 
Serial # 873118
Service Aug 26, 2023 
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