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1973 Seiko Elnix 0723-6000

1973 Seiko Elnix 0723-6000

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Beautiful 1973 Seiko Elnix SG electric watch (not quartz) 0723-6000 produced for very short time in early to mid 70's.
It has smooth sweep second hand that moves at 8 ticks per second. It has balance and escapement like a mechanical watch but instead of the mainspring, power comes from a battery.
It is actually a Chronometar but it's not officially certified.
SG stands for superior grade.

Tanaka designed case is very angular with many sides and together with electric blue dial it creates very dynamically and mesmerizong visual experience.

Case size 36 x 39 x 12mm
Lug width 18mm
Original bracelet is almost 20cm around arm

Glass has been been replaced. Everything else is original.

Watch runs well with healthy amplitude and good accuracy. Within 5 secs.

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