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1961 Seiko Crown Special 15021E SD Dial

1961 Seiko Crown Special 15021E SD Dial

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 Beautiful, service 1961 Seiko Crown Special 23 jewels manual winding watch in excellent condition. 

 The History
In 1959 Seiko introduced the Crown, a watch in the base of the Marvel but with greater precision. The Crown was found to be superior to the Marvel in the watch competition.
In 1960 Seiko applied all of its parts precision techniques, assembly techniques, and adjustment techniques to the creation of a watch in the base of the Crown, but with even greater precision. The First-Generation Grand Seiko was born.
The Grand Seiko set a new standard stricter than the world’s highest accuracy standard (international chronometer testing standard (B.O.): excellent) of the time. The Grand Seiko became the world’s finest watch both in reality and in name.

Crown Special has the same movement found in 1st Grand Seiko ,less decorated and slightly detuned ,to offer more affordable alternative to The Grand.

This model features a stand out SD (special dial because indices are made of silver). There are tiny freckles on it that add special personality and extra charm.

Case is untouched , just lightly buffed with a cloth after cleaning. It is in excellent condition considering  it's 62 year old. There is some pitting at the back where caseback closes. 

Movement has been disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and regulated.

It's in great condition and runs with very good accuracy for a vintage mechanical.

SKU# S0179
Model 15021E
Movement Manual winding with hacking 
Caliber 341
Jewels 23
Case Stainless steel 
Case size 35mm x 44.5mm x 10.6mm 
Lugs 19mm 
Dial white 
Crystal plastic 
Bracelet Italian calf leather strap by Geckota 
Serial # 1011176
Service Feb 19, 2023 
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